Koh Tao, Thailand Upgraded accommodation with air-con, hot water and free beers!

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Malapascua, Philippines

Fundiving Extended - Upgraded accommodation (6 days / 5 nights. Incl. 8 dives)

The diving
Whenever you hear "Malapascua Island", you have to shout THRESHER SHARKS and do a little happy dance. Because the truth is, Malapascua is the only place on this planet, where divers can go out and see the shy but incredibly beautiful thresher sharks on daily morning dives. These sharks are beyond comparison some of the most sleek and stunning sharks in our oceans. Being highly protected by the dive centers on Malapascua, their numbers are growing, and we can’t get our hands down! Seeing the sharks first hand, in the early morning, while the sun is slowly rising, you will get an experience for life. However, you have to be Certified as an Advanced Diver. If you are not, no problem! Just sign up for your PADI Adventure Deep Dive, and you will be ready to go. 

The reefs around Malapascua are G.R.E.A.T diving as well, so don’t let the sharks steal all the attention! The area has incredible macro diving, and the reefs are a true treasure hunt for weird and fantastic creatures! As a starting point, with our fundiving package, we book you up with reef dives only, no sharks. Once you get to Malapascua, you can upgrade to extra morning dives with the thresher sharks as much as you want! Every day, if you like!  

Malapascua Island is just off the north tip of Cebu. It is a tiny island that you can walk around in 1-2 hours. It has a population of around 4000 friendly (and chatty) locals, most of whom live off tourism, fishing, boat building or coconuts. Malapascua remains a beautiful, sleepy island. There are no cars on the island and most buildings are only one floor high. The Southern beach has a great sunsets. For sunset drinks, we recommend Ocean Vida Beach Resort, Thresher Shark Divers rooftop bar (GOOD food served here) and Kokay’s Maldito, who’s got pool tables and board games.

Your resort

The Tepanee bungalows are build in a private area, on a slowly sloping cliffside overlooking the sea. The resort is incredibly popular, and we recommend that you book in good time, and that you consider to book an extra night or 2 prior to or just after your days of diving. We think that Tepanee is the most atmospheric place and has the best value for your money on Malapascua.

Your Room – standard or upgraded
Standard room – a really cool wooden bungalow on stilts with a private porch, bathroom, showers and a fantastic view! Staying in this type of bungalow is a very authentic experience. We LOVE these bungalows! No A/C, just a breeze from the ocean.
Upgraded room – A BEAUTIFUL bungalow build in white concrete with a great private porch and a panoramic glass front that opens up completely. In most of the bungalows, you have a seaview from your bed. (Not guaranteed though!)  A/C included

Days / Nights included 4 days / 3 nights
Amount of dives included 4 dives
Days / Nights included 6 days / 5 nights
Amount of dives included 8 dives
1 night upgraded accom. (after) € 37
1 night upgraded accom. (before) € 37
Extra day of diving (2 dives) € 46