The booking process

How it all works

Upon booking, you need to decide who you want to handle your request. We have travel agents and local dive centers near you ready to handle all your questions or package supplements.

Once you’ve chosen an agent, their direct contact information becomes available, giving you the option of sending the request by e-mail or taking personal contact immediately.

Book in 5 simple steps

  1. Find your destination
  2. Select your package
  3. Choose your agent
  4. Fill in your details and comments
  5. Submit your booking request

Fill in your request details

  • Choose your travel agent

  • Choose your destination

  • Choose your package

    Need to supplement your package?

  • Fill in your personal details

Travel agents

Travel agents are experts on making your trip as easy as possible. Why bother with logistics, they’ve already got it worked out for you!

You should use a travel agent if:
  1. You want advice on other activities
  2. You are in doubt about transfers and tickets
  3. You need advice on picking the right destination
  4. You are traveling with a non-diver

Dive centers

Know what type of diving you want? Contact your dive center - they know where to find it.

You should use a dive center if:
  1. You want advice on continuing education in diving
  2. You are in doubt if the diving at the destination suits you
  3. You are an experienced traveler
  4. You have more diving questions than visa questions