Koh Tao, Thailand Upgraded accommodation with air-con, hot water and free beers!

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Utila, Honduras

Advanced Course (4 days / 3 nights. Incl. 5 dives)

The diving
Thousands of travelers migrate to Utila island each year to do their initial course or continue their dive education to a higher level or even one of the PADI Pro-courses. You can’t help notice that special atmosphere of concentrated diving as soon as you touch land - Everybody talks diving! Being around so many divers have created the perfect learning environment and will inspire you in your own diving career. But be careful, many travelers arrive at Utila to do just one course, but ends up qualifying as instructors. It is easy getting enough experience on the island, as there is always a buddy to dive with and the diving is so special that you can easily dive here for weeks without getting tired.

The reefs are packed with life and the corals are in pristine condition. It is not uncommon for divers to play with manta rays, swim with dolphins and gasp with wonder as the biggest fish in the sea, the incredible whale shark, goes by.

Doing your Advanced Open Water course here will provide you with top education in a dynamic shop, it's the perfect excuse to explore the incredible reefs while altering your diving skills.

Utila has only one main road lined with gingerbread houses in lively pastel colors. The village looks like it came from 1950. Dotted out between the old-school Caribbean looking houses and down the backstreets you will find bars buzzing with life. Utila is known as the divers’ island, but it is also famous for its nightlife!

Your resort
Hotel Mango Inn is the perfect escape between diving, partying and swinging in hammocks. It is rare to find a guest in the resort that is not a diver. You will find them hanging out in the restaurant famous for its tasty pizzas, or cooling off in the swimming pool in the hot afternoons. The resort has got Wifi, internet café and a laundry service…  

Your room
Dorm room with fan and shared bathroom.

Days / Nights included 4 days / 3 nights
Amount of dives included 5 dives
Extra 2 dives EUR 97
Extra night in dorm (after) EUR 15
Extra night in dorm (before) EUR 15
Extra night private a/c bungalow (After) EUR 70
Extra night private a/c bungalow (Before) EUR 34
Extra night private a/c room (After) EUR 49
Extra night private a/c room (Before) EUR 49
Private a/c bungalow during diving (define nights) EUR 30
Private a/c room during diving (define nights) EUR 22
Refresher dive (added to 1st dive) EUR 47