Blue Venture - General Terms and conditions


You can change your booking request or start date free of charge.
If you need to change your booking you must contact the dive center directly by e-mail or phone. You will find the contact details on your voucher. For verification purpose, please remember to mention your name and booking ID.
If you want to change your start date, we recommend that you do so minimum 10 days before the beginning of your dive package. Later than this, might cause the accommodation to be fully booked for alternative dates. During high seasons, 10 days might not be sufficient time, please allow extra time for changes in the high season. As a reminder, you will receive an email with general information and contact information of your dive center 10 days prior to your start date.

Any customer has the right to cancel their booking with Blue Venture Diving. In order to do so, you must contact your selling agent. The cancellation fees and rules of your selling agent will apply for your cancellation.

Blue Venture is not liable for any cancellations done by the customer of personal reason such as/or in the same category as sickness, family, missed flights etc, or other circumstances that is beyond reasonable control such as force majeure.

Blue Venture booking cancellation
In the unlikely event that Blue Venture is forced to cancel a booking, the customer will get direct notice. A cancellation will only happen if Blue Venture finds that the contracted dive center can’t perform the needed service of the booked package or if the dive standards can’t be fulfilled accordingly. Minor changes in the itinerary will not be defined as a valid cancellation reason, as diving is dictated by the environment and the people enrolled in the activity.
Blue Venture will always do their best to find another operator of same or higher standard, but it is up to the customer to decide whether they want to accept the change or get a refund.

A cancellation insurance is not included. It is highly advised recommended that you obtain adequate travel insurance prior to your departure from your home country.

Medical Statement
To enroll in an Open Water Course, all students MUST fill in the Medical Statement. Please ensure that you have received the medical statement from your travel agent. If any questions are replied with a "Yes", the medical statement must be signed by a doctor. Failing the medical statement at the destination, and therefore not being able to enroll in the diving course, you will not be entitled to a refund.

If you have not received your Medical Statement, please make sure to print it from this link.

Restricted dives
Diving is dictated by the environment and the people enrolled in the activity. All diving is performance based. It is up to the discretion of the dive guide/instructor to restrict divers from entering activities that goes beyond their experience level. All guides strive to reach the expectations of the customers. However, if they find that the safety of the group or an individual is jeopardized or at risk by one or several individuals, it is up to the dive guide/instructor to restrict any divers from entering the water.
In this event the dive center or Blue Venture is not obliged to give a refund.

Dives not completed
There is no refund for dives not carried out.
Refund for dives not done for any reason is up to the discretion of the dive center. Most dive centers do not give refunds for dives not done with personal causes such as seasickness, low on air situations or a failure in mastering the equipment etc. All log books will be checked prior to the dive and the dive sites will be chosen accordingly to the experience level. It is however expected that certified divers keep within their limits and do not cross their comfort zone. Blue Venture and your travel agent is never responsible to pay a refund for dives not done.

Courses not completed
There is no refund for courses not completed! All courses are performance based, but it is up to the instructor to pass the student. If a customer can not complete a course with success they will receive their course documents for an optional referral, but the contracted dive center, your travel agent and Blue Venture is not responsible to pay a refund.

Boats or dives not departing
If boats or dives are cancelled due to bad weather or sea conditions, it is up to the dive center to re-schedule and compensate with a similar dive trip when conditions allow. If the customer does not have adequate time to enroll in another trip/course it is up to the customer to make sure the dive center notify Blue Venture of this in order to secure a refund via the sales agent who completed the sale with the customer. There will only be refund on the diving and not the accommodation.

Unless mentioned in the destination information folder the accommodation is always part of the package.
If the dive center by any means can’t deliver the agreed accommodation, it is up to their discretion to supply immediate accommodation of the same or higher standard. (the destination information folder is found on the Blue Venture website.)
If the accommodation somehow does not live up to satisfactory standards of the customer, the customer must contact Blue Venture by phone or email as soon as possible (preferably while still on site) in order to solve the problem.

All contracted dive centers has been handpicked based on their level of professionalism and expertise. Blue Venture ensures that all guides and instructors have the correct education and experience. In the unlikely event that a customer suffers a bad experience with any guide, instructor or dive center facilities, Blue Venture is entitled to know, but can’t by any means be held liable.
At the end of you dive experience as questionnaire will be sent out to you, that we would like you to answer. By doing this, you help securing a high level of professionalism towards all customers.

If you are about to enroll in a dive course (entry level only), you must fill out the PADI Medical Statement before you leave your home country. Please make sure your agent has provided you with the PADI Medical Statement. You can also print the medical statement from the link, further up on this page. If you need the medical statement reviewed by a doctor, you have 10 days from the date of the booking with the option of cancelling for free.
If you are already certified as a diver and about to go fundiving, you must remember your current dive certificate and your personal logbook or dive computer.