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Poor Knights, New Zealand

Fundiving (3 days days / nights. Incl. 4 dives)

The diving
As  anyone who has seen the turtles “surfing” in “Finding Nemo” knows, the East Australian Current runs down the Eastern coast of Oz. However, many don't realize that in summertime this river of warm, clear tropical water ends up near the northern tip of New Zealand, more specifically at the Poor Knights group of islands. This creates a very unique ecosystem where tropical water and species meet in a temperate environment... Consequently, you see oddities such as butterfly fish peeking out from the kelp instead of staghorn coral... Or, on the right days mantas cruising over the undulating seaweed. The Poor Knights Islands are world famous for their first class diving provided by the special circumstances created by this warm current, but anyone who has been diving at these spectacular islands knows that playing hide and seek in the kelp forest with a good buddy is just as liberating as seeing the local dolphins play during surface intervals.

The Poor Knights Islands are also to be enjoyed above the water; the Rikoriko sea cave, the world's largest insect and even a living dinosaur all await the intrepid visitor. Returning to land you stay in Tutukaka, quiet and low-key. Compared with the backpacker Mecca of Paihia, this is the place for unplugging the iPhone and reconnecting with nature in a serious way!

Tutukaka is on the east coast of New Zealand's stunning Northland area. It has the peace and natural beauty of far more remote areas within a two-hour drive of Auckland. Based around a picturesque harbour 25 minutes from the bustling town of Whangarei, Tutukaka makes life very simple for all visitors; accommodation, transport and activities are all within a few hundred meters of one another.

Accommodation in Tutukaka.
The “Kiwis” holiday in their own country for a good reason and they expect comfort and good value in their budget resorts. And as a visitor you benefit from this attitude in Tutukaka. You will find several cosy and local holiday parks or budget guesthouses where comfort, value and a warm welcome are the order of the day. All of them are within reach by a short walk or drive. You will find they are mainly geared towards the budget self-caterer looking for a little peace and quiet, giving you an ideal place to relax after a good day's diving.

Your room in Tutukaka.
No accommodation is included in this package.


Days / Nights included 3 days days / nights
Amount of dives included 4 dives
Days / Nights included 5 days days / nights
Amount of dives included 8 dives
Extra day of diving (2 dives) EUR 192
Refresher dive (added to 1st dive) EUR 34